Three Exercises to Help Define Your Core

Strengthening your core is vital to everyday movement. 

Our core is the “control center” of our body, the chain along which all joints connect.  Core exercises are extremely important to incorporate into your weekly workout routine, as they improve posture, reduce pain, and increase strength and stability.

While we all may think “Core” or “Ab” exercises are for physical appearance, let’s bring awareness to the importance of core strengthening for functional purposes as we age and go through life changes.

Add weight into your exercises to increase the level of effectiveness and tighten your core, seeing and feeling faster results.

Add this core routine to your next workout:  40 seconds of each exercise | 20 seconds off | 3 rounds

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Bicycle Crunches
Lying on your back, gently place your hands behind your head and lift your shoulder blades off the ground with knees bent at 90s stacked over hips.  Bring left elbow toward right knee while extending your left leg long, while keeping both elevated higher than your hips.  Alternate to twist to the opposite side bringing your right elbow toward your left knee.  Continue to alternate while contracting your core.

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Hollow Boat Flutters
Lying on your back, hover chest, chin and legs while pressing low back to ground.  Slight bend in elbows with weight overhead, hold your hollow boat while fluttering your legs.

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Russian Twist
Started seated with heels anchored to ground.  Lean back until you feel your abdominal muscles engage with control. With or without weight, twist slowly to the right and left just outside of the hip.

Screenshot 2023 01 14 At 103742 AmI am Anna Kestler, born and raised in Pittsburgh, where I co-own a fitness studio, Sweat PGH.  I am a fully certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. My love for fitness started at a young age with basketball and continued into the collegiate level at The College of William & Mary. I love the way fitness can not only transform the body and mind, but how we can use it to break through boundaries and realign to heal ourselves naturally.

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