Things We Love — Three Rivers Arts Festival Edition

HOME editor Jessica Sinichak shares her favorite, locally made decorative items from the show.

From finely wrought jewelry to hand-fired pottery pieces and interpretations of our city through photography, drawings and even glass, there was something beautiful everywhere I looked at the annual Three Rivers Arts Festival Downtown.

As the magazine’s HOME editor, I’m sharing some of my favorite decorative items on display at the show. These all are pieces I’d love to have in my home, but don’t let that limit you. Any of the custom work seen at the festival would look good in your rooms — the only limit is your imagination.

A bit of a disclaimer: Many of the artists turn over after five days of displaying their work at the 10-day festival to make room for a new crop of artists who will finish out the show. There’s no guarantee the artists I’ve chosen will still be in their booths by the weekend. With that in mind, I’ve highlighted work from local artisans whose pieces are available throughout the year at their studios or online.

photos by Jessica Sinichak

Jowdy Handmade Ceramics

Part of the festival’s Emerging Artist Scholarship Program, Jowdy Handmade Ceramics was honored this week with a Juror’s Merit award, and it’s not hard to see why. Andrew Jowdy Collins recently gave up his corporate job to devote his full attention to creating his colorful handmade ceramics. His vivid pieces include everything from matte-glazed travel mugs to plates and vases. He currently is at work creating giant bowls that will be displayed on the walls of Google’s offices in Pittsburgh.


I’ve long been a fan of strawberryluna’s vibrant screen-printed artwork. Featuring bold, graphic designs, the whimsical prints and posters (check out the Pittsburgh City of Bridges silkscreen diptych art print set) by husband-and-wife team Allison Glancey and Craig Seder are sure to add a big dose of happy to your walls.

Vessel Studio Glass

If you’re a fan of HGTV’s “Restored by the Fords” then you may have caught siblings Leanne and Steve Ford making over the home of Vessel Studio Glass owners Drew and Jeannine Hine. The home’s design was centered around a collection of gorgeous, hand-engraved black and grey vessels crafted by the couple. Their can’t-miss pieces on display at the show include affordably priced stemless wine glasses in every color of the rainbow as well as charming hand-blown glass pumpkins.

Resident Design

Resident Design’s DIY paper sculptures are just plain fun. I immediately thought of how magical these paper animals would look on the walls of my kids’ rooms (I know my 5-year-old daughter in particular would love the purple-horned unicorn), but the truth is they would look equally cool in the living room. Each creation comes with its own bio. For example, Cecelia the Fox likes guinea pigs, marshmallows and college reunions, while Bev the Geometric Rhino is a fantastic conversationalist. The difficulty of putting together the pieces are rated from Can’t Do Ikea (easy) to Crafting Master (hard).

Naked Geometry

I was blown away by the perfection of the intricate, math-based art by Naked Geometry. Using laser-cutting, CNC fabrication and traditional woodworking techniques, Naked Geometry transforms salvaged wood into everything from jewelry to art prints to furniture and other decorative items. I love how art and math (never my strongest subject) can collide to make something beautiful.

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