Where Are the 10 New Pickleball Courts in Pittsburgh?

With the courts now open on Washington’s Landing, Pittsburgh almost doubles the number of its public outdoor courts in the city.
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Ten new pickleball courts are open on Washington’s Landing.

The city of Pittsburgh has completed the conversion of the original five tennis courts on the northern tip of the island on the Allegheny River to include two refurbished tennis courts and 10 pickleball courts.

The reconfiguration was made after the city’s Department of Public Works, along with Councilman Bobby Wilson, sought community input.

There are no lights at the new courts at this time; portable toilets are available for bathroom needs.

The popularity of Pickleball, which was invented in 1965, has recently swept the country, with 36.5 million people playing the sport between August 2021 to August 2022. As a result, communities all over southwestern Pennsylvania have been adding these courts to their recreational offerings.

Washington’s Landing’s new courts bring the total number of outdoor public pickleball courts in the city to 24. 

Players who want to reserve a pickleball or tennis court or get a court permit, can click this link. Reservation fee is $5 per hour per court.

Here are where the other 14 courts are in the City:

  • Allegheny Commons East (2)
  • Bud Hammer Park (2)
  • Fineview Park (1)
  • Frick Park (3)
  • Moore Park (2)
  • Schenley Park (4)

In related news, a $1.84 million project to repair the 30th Street Bridge that connects River Avenue to Washington’s Landing, was completed on Wednesday, Aug. 16, making it much easier to get on to the island. A section of River Avenue between the 31st and 30th bridges had been closed since April, limiting access. The project involved improving the bridge deck, repairing sidewalks and updating lighting.  This was completed almost two months earlier than anticipated.

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