These Memes Sum Up How Some Pittsburghers Feel About the Bridge Collapse

We use humor to cope.

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From PghBridges Instagram page.

Pittsburghers have gotten good at taking things with a side of humor. 

After all, this is the city that made Christmas ornaments to commemorate that time a sinkhole swallowed a bus. (And celebrated its second birthday with an exhibit at Phipps.) 

It comes as no surprise that the recent collapse of the Fern Hollow bridge in Frick Park has spawned its own collection of jokes and memes on social media. The goal isn’t to diminish the severity of the collapse or to take away from its important message about the region’s infrastructure, but to honor the absurdity of it all in a very Pittsburgh way.

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From the Regent Square Facebook Page.

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From the Pittsburgh Personified Instagram page.

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From Pittsburghpersonified Instagram page.


From Penguins Jesus Twitter page.

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From mmmmpie’s Instagram page.

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