There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Please consider making a lifesaving donation to Animal Friends.

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One thing that we have all learned in 2020 is the importance of having a place to call home. As the places where we live have now become offices, classrooms, gyms and everything in between, it is clear that there is nothing quite like the safety, comfort and security of home.

But, there are so many pets who simply don’t know what it means to have a home.

During this incredibly challenging year, Animal Friends hasn’t turned their back on the animals who needed them. Instead, they took their commitment to a new level to help the pets who nowhere else to turn – especially in the midst of a pandemic.

Although their lifesaving work has continued despite a year of so much uncertainty, Animal Friends needs your help. Your gift – even just a few dollars – can make a meaningful impact in the lives of countless animals this holiday season and in the new year.

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Animals like Sweetie, a puppy who was given a new lease on life after being transferred to Animal Friends from an overcrowded shelter in Tennessee.

Pghmag 2020 Dec 03

Or Bunyonce, a rabbit whose medical challenges didn’t stop the dedicated group of staff and volunteers from helping her find a loving home.

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And, of course, Iris, a stray cat whose horribly infected eyes were removed by the compassionate Clinic Services team. Now living happy and pain-free, Iris will spend the holiday season in a loving home of her own.

But Animal Friends cannot continue this life-changing and life-saving work without you. Your support makes it possible for them to continue to rescue and rehome animals and offer affordable and accessible resources to the pets and people who need them. After all, the best place for a pet to be is in a home with a family who loves them.

This year has presented Animal Friends with so many unique challenges. And, with their lifesaving programs and resources in higher demand and more pets and people depending on them than ever before, your support is critical.

Your gift will allow these essential services to continue in the new year.

Please, give generously.

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