The World-Famous Yinzer Gift Guide 2011

It’s back. Get all your holiday shopping done in a single blog post.

Holiday shopping season is upon us and this is the first year I'm shopping for a child who no longer believes in Santa Claus. This is a bit sad because of the magic of Christmas and elves and sparkle dust and yadda yadda. However, this is mostly great because I no longer have to give credit for the amazing gifts under the tree to an imaginary fat man insisting on clinging to red velvet as a valid fashion choice as much as he clings to his stubborn refusal to shave and pay fair wages to elves.

Kids are easy to shop for, but adults? There are too many people in our lives who are impossible to please. Last year was the inaugural year I compiled a list of items perfect for giving to the hard-to-shop-for Pittsburgh-lover in your life, especially ex-pats always looking for small reminders of the hometown they left behind.

Since then, Etsy has grown into an enormous creative clearinghouse for talented artists to share their one-of-a-kind items, resulting in the most unique gift list yet.

Yes, every single one of these items is available for sale on Etsy. Sellers will re-list when an item is sold, so keep watching for a re-list or simply email the seller to arrange to purchase the items you want.

I hope I've found a little something for everyone on your list. As for me, I'd like one of each and every single item. Would emailing this link to my husband with the subject line of "HINT" be too obvious?

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