The Furries are Back in Pittsburgh – Are You Up On Your Furry Etiquette?

The Furries are in Pittsburgh this weekend for their annual convention. We’ve got a list of do’s and don’ts to make them feel welcome.


Nearly 10,000 people, many wearing fursuits, will be in Pittsburgh this weekend for the 26th annual Anthrocon which is packed with events and activities in and around the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Even though Pittsburgh has hosted Anthrocon since 2006, there probably are things you might not know to do or not to do when encountering a Furry:

  • You may feel the urge to pet their elaborate outfit. Don’t. Petting or scratching the costume can damage or mark the fur. Unless you are given permission, refrain from touching the “fursuit.”
  • Talk loud and clear to get a fursuiter’s attention. Fursuit heads tend to muffle sounds and voices, so waving your arms or giving other nonverbal clues will help.
  • If you plan to approach a Furry, keep in mind that all Furries are different. Some may not be as outgoing as others.
  • Be patient when trying to get a fursuiter’s attention if they’re already interacting with someone else. They’ll be happy to interact with you if you give them a chance to finish with others.
  • Some fursuits limit a Furry’s vision by as much as 90%. Always approach them from the front.
  • If you find yourself waiting for an elevator at the convention at the same time as a Furry, typically the Furry will receive priority and move to the front of the line. Don’t be offended, this is just Furry etiquette.
  • Some Furries also choose not to talk when they are “in character.” If they do not speak to you, this may simply be a character trait of their Furry identity.

Over the years, the convention has contributed millions of dollars to the local economy and charity. Since 1997, Anthrocon has contributed nearly $500,000 to various charities, according to the Anthrocon website, and more than $70 million to the local economy, according to VisitPittsburgh.

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