The City of Pittsburgh Seeks Snow Angels to Make Our Sidewalks Safer

Some neighborhoods in need of more volunteers include Beechview, Brighton Heights, Brookline and Carrick.
Snow Shoveling


Some heroes don’t wear capes … they wield shovels.

The City of Pittsburgh is seeking volunteers to serve as Snow Angels to help clear sidewalks and walkways for older residents and those with disabilities.

Snow Angels make sidewalks safer for everyone, including pedestrians, postal carriers, firefighters and police officers. 

Volunteers can sign up online to be paired with a neighbor in need.  

Volunteers – Things to Know

  • You will be assigned to a neighbor in need who lives no more than a 10-minute walk from your address.
    The city will contact you via email with confirmation details when you have been assigned a neighbor.
  • You may not be assigned to help a neighbor immediately. Neighbors request help throughout the winter season. You may be assigned immediately, a few weeks after you sign up, or later during the winter.
  • Your assignment depends on if there is a neighbor who needs help near you. If none of your neighbors sign up, we may not be able to assign you. Either way, we will keep in touch regularly.
  • Once assigned, you can opt-in to receive text message reminders when a snow event is forecasted.
  • The city asks that you help out your neighbor within 24 hours of the end of a snow event.
  • Sometimes, more than one neighbor who needs help lives in the same block. If you’re willing to help shovel and salt for more than one neighbor, please let the city know on your registration form.
  • Neighbors are expected to have a snow shovel and salt available for their Snow Angel. In rare instances that they are unable to provide these tools, the city will notify you via email.

More Help Needed

Some neighborhoods are in greater need of volunteers this winter.

The Snow Angels program is hoping to have 30 volunteers to help in Beechview. Last year, Snow Angels was only able to serve five of the 44 residents in Beechview who requested help, according to a press release from the City of Pittsburgh.

Other neighborhoods in greater need of help include: Brighton Heights, Brookline, Carrick, East Liberty, Elliott, Greenfield, Hill District, Homewood, Manchester, Marshall-Shadeland, Mount Washington, Sheraden and Stanton Heights.

“This program provides a vital service for our neighbors in need and ensures that our sidewalks stay safe for everyone during and after winter weather events,” said Mayor Ed Gainey in a news release. “I am thankful for the youth groups and sports teams that have already answered the call to become Snow Angels, and I encourage everyone who can to join us by going to the website or calling 311.”

Those who have ideas or want to collaborate more in the outreach process can send the program an email.

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