The 5 Best Seats at PNC Park

So where are the best seats in the house? Nearly every vantage point at intimate PNC Park is picturesque and memorable, but depending on how you like to experience a game, we can recommend a few favorites.


Editor’s Note: Because of pandemic-related restrictions, some of these exact seats may not be available until all capacity limits at PNC Park are lifted.

Section 316, Row K, Seat 22

Call it the purist’s seat. The upper section behind home plate offers the most complete vantage point for the game in progress; from here, you can easily see everything from the direction of a pitch to the positioning of the outfielders. There’s a reason that the broadcasters and sportswriters are stationed just above this section. What’s more, you can see all of downtown and a chunk of the Allegheny River from this height.

Section 222, Row D, Seat 10

The amenities in the Pittsburgh Baseball Club level are nothing to sneer at. Head into the club level concourse — off-limits to fans not seated on the 200 level — and you’ll find a full bar, pool tables, exclusive food offerings and more. Make sure you arrive early to enjoy those bonus features, though, because the game looks great from here — particularly in this spot, lined up with third base. You’ll get a great view, a lovely vista and a good shot at snagging a foul ball.

Section 16, Row C, Seat 4

Admittedly, tickets to PNC Park’s Lexus Club, immediately behind home plate, are hard to come by; single-game seats are usually not available, and aftermarket tickets go for hundreds of dollars apiece. If you can manage it, though, you’ll more or less watch the game from the field; fans in the front row are closer to the batter than the pitcher is. Plays at the plate will be stunning, you’ll hear every word of a manager-umpire argument and your concessions — not to mention a pre-game buffet — are included in your ticket price.

Section 112, Row P, Seat 10

Between home and first or home and third, the 100 level is the best of both worlds: close enough to feel like you’re a part of the action, distant enough to get a better sense of plays as they unfold than you might from the front row. If you pick this spot on the first base line, you’ll also get the best possible view of the scoreboard — vital now that instant replays are a fact of life. Keep an eye out for sharp fouls, though.

Section 135, Row A, Seat 7

Not every game features that dramatic moment when an outfielder leaps into the front row to try to pull back a home run, vying with fans for the ball — but when that does happen, it happens here. You’ll have to focus to suss out intricacies on the basepaths from this far in the outfield, but lean forward and you’ll feel like you’re standing on the warning track. Bonus note for collectors and parents: Usually, the Pirates’ left fielder will toss a warmup ball into the crowd around this section at the beginning of each inning.

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