Something Vintage, Something New — The Bold is Coming to Sharpsburg

Designer Kacie Cope's new store will showcase her love for vintage finds as well as offer community workshops to give customers hands-on experience in home design and renovation.
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Working day and night to renovate her new storefront on Sharpsburg’s Main Street, interior designer Kacie Cope debated putting up paper in the storefront windows. But as friends entered the store to help paint, and neighbors passed by on their morning walks, Cope decided to leave the windows open.

She wants her community to see her work in progress — and to start making her space accessible and open to all. 

“Forget the paper,” Cope says. “Let the people watch. Let people look inside and see the evolution.”  

The Bold by Kacie Cope Interiors, set to open in March, will showcase the designer’s love for vintage finds, interior design and connecting with the community around her. Located just a block away from Fortune’s Produce, her grandmother’s former grocery store, Cope already feels a deep bond to her business. 

“I love things that have a history and a story,” Cope says. “That’s a big part of the shop for me.” 

Along with vintage pieces, the store will sell carefully crafted pieces from artisans and designers; Even the signage throughout the store is handmade by a local artist. 

“My primary goal is that as little as possible in that store is brand new,” Cope says. 

Inspired by her grandmother, the aforementioned Fortune, Cope plans to take charming elements from the produce store and incorporate them into her own business; From the shop’s green awning to traces of Fortune’s old signage, The Bold is built upon a strong family history rooted deep in the streets of Sharpsburg, Cope says. 

Cope, who hosts online decorating classes, also plans to move her workshops into the store to give customers hands-on experience in home design and renovation. From painting walls to learning how to install drywall anchors, she wants to teach not just crafts but skills. 

“I want more and more people to feel like it’s a community space where people are welcomed in,” she says. 

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When brainstorming a name for her store, Cope says kept circling back to a tagline inspired by her grandmother, “Fortune favors the bold.” As an interior designer, Cope doesn’t like to “play it safe” either. Instead, she works with fun and eclectic styles that give her home not just a look, but a feeling. 

“Making some of those bolder choices that maybe people wouldn’t make every day feels important to me and I’m hoping that carries in the store too, that it’s a place that can help people kind of figure out their own ways back home,“ she says. 

The Bold is more than just a home decor store to Cope. It represents the art of vintage and reusable items and the ability to transform space; It also provides a creative outlet for designers and passionate customers – and it reflects the town where she grew up, emitting a nostalgic energy that welcomes and inspires.

“It was just very cool to come full circle and realize I live here and now my business is going to have a bigger footprint here,” Cope says. 

A realist, Cope says she believes in messy starts. Opening a new business is one of those, but she’s ready to take on the challenge and run a store that invites people to find their creative side and a sense of community at the same time. 

“I kind of just want it to be an experience for people,” Cope says. “It might be a little bit of an experiment for a while to try to figure out what folks like and what resonates with the community. And I’m kind of ready to go on that journey a little bit and just see what things evolve into.”

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