Places We Love: Warhol Entrance

Pop in anytime the museum is open — no admission is necessary to visit the entrance space, gift shop and Warhol Café.
The Andy Warhol Museum Entrance Space 1 Photo Dean Kaufman


You’ll find the soup cans, Marilyns and floating clouds upstairs. But the industrial-chic space that greets you as you enter The Warhol is iconic on its own.

Actually, the first moment of your experience at the North Shore museum is one of being coolly regarded by Andy Warhol himself, staring down at you in repeating screenprint as you walk through the front door. Just down the hall, though, you’ll find the museum’s entrance space — a hangout, a gathering spot and an event venue in its own right.

This is where a perfect replica of the famous couch can be found; a picture of Warhol reclining on the red couch that once sat in his New York factory hangs above the furniture itself. Imitating Andy’s pose for a photograph on that icon of the artist’s work and fashionable scene is a tradition — even Jay-Z has participated.

The Andy Warhol Museum Entrance Space 2 Photo Dean Kaufman

The chrome hues and mechanical accents of the furniture and decor in the entrance space whisk visitors out of Pittsburgh and into Warhol’s New York, blending modern museum and pop-art factory to set the tone. That throwback atmosphere also makes the entrance space a perfect venue for some of the museum’s longrunning “Sound Series” events, where artists on the bleeding edge perform for Pittsburgh’s coolest crowds.

Don’t think of this space as entirely one to see and be seen, however; it’s also a good place to relax, adding a dose of art to a normal day. Pop in anytime the museum is open — no admission is necessary to visit the entrance space, gift shop and Warhol Café — and order a brew from Commonplace Coffee. Have a seat and unwind. You’re instantly cooler than everyone trying to get some work done at a Starbucks.

It’s a space as multifaceted and alluring as the museum beyond — and as the artist himself.

Insider’s Tip.
Mark your calendar (and get tickets now) for a can’t-miss concert. Vieux Farka Touré, a Malian singer and guitarist (and the son of Grammy-winning musician Ali Farka Touré) known for his merging of traditional sounds with modern guitar composition, will perform in The Warhol entrance space on May 3.

While You’re Here:
Stock up on gifts — even if you don’t know anyone with a birthday coming up, you’ll find some presents to impress in The Warhol’s chic gift shop. In addition to all manner of pop-art trinkets, you’ll find a bevy of books about Warhol as well as his collaborators and contemporaries.

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