Places We Love: Right Field at PNC Park

It's the best place to sit where you can truly focus on what's in front of you.
Pnc Park Field Jul23


Out here, the game is the thing.

From atop the Clemente Wall at PNC Park, the field of play completely fills your field of vision. Grass and grandstands are all you can see; even above the cheap seats, there is only blue sky.

Much is made of the dramatic, deliberately framed view of the Downtown skyline visible from most seats at this beloved ballpark. Without question, that vista is a marvel. But it’s easy to become distracted by it — to pick out distant landmarks and watch the Gateway Clipper amble along the Allegheny.

In Right Field, all of that is behind you. The bars and playgrounds are behind you. Even the dazzling scoreboard, with its riot of statistics, is out of your line of sight.

Instead, you become entranced by the game. Fly outs float toward you as outfielders scurry to snare them. Home-run balls soar like hawks in flight. Even between innings, you’ll keep an eye on the right fielder, who will likely offer nine free souvenirs by tossing each warm-up ball in your direction.

Now that rule changes have ended the plague of meandering pitchers that sullied baseball for a few decades, you can follow the rhythm of an at-bat. If you look away, you’ll miss something. And this is the place to pay attention — to let everything beyond the field in front of you drift out of mind.

You won’t care if you ever get back.

Insider’s Tip
A bit of ballpark etiquette has fallen by the wayside, so here’s a reminder: If there are open seats in your row, leave a space between yourself and a stranger. Never mind the number on your ticket; unless every seat is sold, it’s polite and comfortable to spread out a bit.

While You’re Here:
If you’ve got seats atop the Clemente Wall, a pair of locally inspired restaurants are under your feet. Along the Riverwalk, you’ll find the “Chicken on the Hill” concession stand, with fare off the Coop De Ville menu, and a burger stand inspired by Bloomfield restaurant Station.

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