Pittsburgh Chemical Day Reminds Us that Chemistry is Indispensable to Our World

This year, Pittsburgh Chemical Day will take place on May 17 both virtually and in person at Heinz Field.

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Chemistry is more than scientists in laboratories using test tubes and safety goggles. Chemistry surrounds us, an indispensable component of our modern way of living. In fact, according to the American Chemistry Council, the chemical industry directly touches 96% of all manufactured goods. Notably, as of late, the industry has proved its value in being largely responsible for the production of ingredients for hand sanitizers, disinfectants, face masks, and other personal protection equipment vital to our health and safety. But we know that its breadth and depth extend beyond these examples in ways too numerous to count.

Pittsburgh Chemical Day – an annual forum for idea sharing and thought leadership on key topics facing the chemical industry – offers an opportunity for industry professionals to come together and celebrate accomplishments, discuss challenges, develop relationships and get inspired.

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This year, Pittsburgh Chemical Day will take place on May 17 both virtually and in person at Heinz Field. The event will feature speakers from significant regional chemical companies like Covestro, PPG Industries, and more. Keynote speaker Leroy M. Ball, CEO of Koppers – a global wood preservation technology company based in Pittsburgh – will discuss how the chemical industry has continued to evolve over time while remaining essential in our everyday lives.

Having built a career in the chemical industry, Ball will draw on the common themes and tremendous advancements made in the half-century since his Koppers predecessor, Fletcher Byrom, spoke at Pittsburgh Chemical Day in 1972.

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More now than perhaps ever before, a commitment remains incumbent upon chemical companies to pursue meaningful policies and practices to help secure a more sustainable future. Koppers, for example, is continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology to find ways to lessen its long-term environmental footprint on the world, operating on the belief that doing things in the right ways for the right reasons will allow it to continue as a viable member of the industry for generations to come.

In alignment with this dedication to a better world, participants at Pittsburgh Chemical Day promise to contribute fresh ideas and new ways of thinking when it comes to succeeding in a dynamic post-pandemic landscape.

It’s a conversation you will want to join, so be sure to register for Pittsburgh Chemical Day. The event provides valuable opportunities for everyone from seasoned professionals to students looking to kickstart their careers. Find program details, speakers, and more here.

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