Pittsburgh Amtrak Customers To Travel To The Big Apple In Style With Upgraded Trains

The upgraded Amtrak Airo fleet will be introduced to 14 of the transportation company’s routes in 2026.
Amtrak Train


Pittsburghers can ride the rails to the Big Apple in the lap of luxury when Amtrak introduces its updated Airo fleet, starting in 2026.

Thirteen other Amtrak routes, including Keystone Service (also in Pennsylvania), Northeast Regional, Cascades, Palmetto and Virginia Services will also see new Amtrak Airo trains. 

“As we invest in the future, Amtrak is leading the way with a new era of rail,” said Amtrak President Roger Harris in an Amtrak press release. “Our new trains will transform the Amtrak experience with significant environmental benefits, a progressive design and world-class amenities.”

The new trains will operate at speeds up to 125 mph and offer near seamless transition between power sources where time-consuming locomotive changes were previously required.

Amtrak Airo’s fuel efficient trains will feature modern and spacious interiors, redesigned café cars, enhanced lighting, USB ports, onboard Wi-Fi and other amenities. Ticketholders in Business Class can also choose between single and double seats for more flexibility and comfort.

“Americans deserve modern, safe, reliable passenger rail service, and introducing brand new rail cars is a major step towards improving the daily experience of commuters and travelers who depend on Amtrak,” said FRA Administrator Amit Bose in the release. 

Amtrak’s move to the future also includes major infrastructure projects, service expansion, station upgrades, modernization efforts and improved track capacity along the Northeast Corridor.

A share of Amtrak’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) funding will support the procurement of Amtrak Airo, which will be manufactured by Siemens in California. 

Roechling Industrial Mt. Pleasant in Westmoreland County recently won a contract bid with Amtrak to manufacture parts for the new trains, according to a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article. The company plans to expand its customized plastics plant in preparation for the Amtrak project.

For more information about Amtrak Airo, visit the website here

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