Picklesburgh to Double in Size for Its Fifth Year

Nation’s top speciality food festival to spill out onto Ft. Duquesne Boulevard.


As someone who loves pickles but hates crowds, I’ve been at a personal stalemate for years on Picklesburgh.

The annual pickle-themed food festival — this year voted the number one specialty food festival in the country by USA Today readers — will return to Downtown for its fifth year in July. Since 2015, Picklesburgh has overtaken the Roberto Clemente Bridge with rows of vendors selling and sampling pickle ice cream, pierogies, cocktails and pretty much every other pickle-flavored food under the sun.

Because pickles are so delicious (don’t @ me, they are), Pittsburghers turn out in large numbers for the festivities. In previous years, this has lead to large crowds on the bridge, which for me, was bad news. So imagine my joy at learning that this year Picklesburgh will double its footprint to include the Roberto Clemente Bridge and the riverside lanes of Ft. Duquesne Boulevard.

The extra space will allow more room for the crowds to enjoy pickled products, live music and selfies with the Heinz Pickle balloon.

Picklesburgh is a free event and runs July 26-28. Vendors applications are now open at picklesburgh.com.

If you need me, I’ll be at the pickle juice drinking contest.

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