Pay it Forward: Helping Environmental Groups

What is the value of our rivers? Well, for more than two million people who rely on the Ohio River Basin for their water supply, that answer is pretty simple—protect the rivers, protect our communities. And that, in a nutshell, is the purpose of the River Alert Information Network, or “RAIN.”

Ron Bargiel, current Chair of RAIN, and Water Quality Manager for Pennsylvania American Water, notes that all of the people living in this region “count on water professionals to ensure the safety and quality of the water in the upper Ohio River Basin.” RAIN’s mission is to protect this source water by collaborating with a network of 51 participating water suppliers and alerting them to threats before pollutants move downstream.

As word of RAIN’s amazing work began to spread, their mission instantly resonated with many companies—including Peoples Natural Gas. Peoples consistently emphasizes their commitment to safely delivering natural gas and to protecting natural resources; they quickly recognized that RAIN’s commitment to safeguarding the region’s water supply feeds into that goal.

With that in mind, Peoples launched a partnership with the River Alert Information Network, providing them with a $5,000 grant to produce a new piece of the Carnegie Science Center’s H2O! exhibit, and a $15,000 matching grant to help promote the growth of their early warning systems.

RAIN is more than just watershed protection. It is an organization committed to public health and environmental accountability. And when companies like Peoples are passionate about reducing their own carbon footprint, they can take that commitment even further by supporting organizations like the River Alert Information Network.

You can see a live map of RAIN's source water protection systems on their website, or learn more about Peoples’ environmental commitment and their other partnerships by visiting their Environment page