No Pattern to Increase in COVID cases in Allegheny County

County Health Director Dr. Debra Bogen says the outlook here is more optimistic than in the state as a whole.


Like the rest of the state and most of the country, Allegheny County is experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases. When cases increased in July, much of the focus was on bars and restaurants, which were ordered closed for a week to stop the spread of the virus.  This time around, according to County Health Director Dr. Debra Bogen, cases are tied to workplaces, businesses and travel as well as to bars and restaurants – but not to any age group or neighborhood.

“The remarkable thing about our cases is that there is no pattern at this point,” Bogen said at a briefing Wednesday.

As far as schools, Bogen says cases have appeared in nearly every district but the outbreaks have been relatively small and quickly contained.

Bogen, like other health officials, worries about the upcoming holidays and encourages everyone to keep gatherings small and to limit travel.

She is also optimistic about the cooperation contact tracers are receiving, noting that of the 800 cases investigated last week, about 75% answered questions from case investigators.

On Election Day, Bogen and County Executive Rich Fitzgerald urge voters not to linger at polling places, follow floor marking to maintain social distance and wear a mask.

“This is a little different from what we’re normally used to,” Fitzgerald said. “We just want people to be safe, cast their ballot and then go.”

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