New Board Game Lets You Run for Mayor

Bar Marco and Cannon Coffee set to host game nights previewing Ninety: The Campaign for Mayor of Pittsburgh.


Ever caught yourself driving around Pittsburgh thinking, “You know, I could run this place?” Well before you print campaign posters and climb on a soapbox, see if you’ve got what it takes to move into the mayor’s office … via a little board-game practice.

Ninety: The Campaign for Mayor of Pittsburgh is a board game designed by Adam Shuck and Alex Pazuchanics, with (awesome) artwork by Tara Helfer, supported in part by a Sprout Fund grant. The premise: the incumbent mayor has chosen, after careful consideration, not to seek re-election. (Sound familiar?) You’ll compete with other prospective politicians to gain support around town and raise the cash necessary to move in downtown. Don’t think it’ll be a wash, though; Ninety looks more akin to Risk than Candy Land.

If you’d like to try Ninety in advance, the designers are hosting game nights at Cannon Coffee in Brookline and Bar Marco in the Strip this Monday and Tuesday, respectively. Pre-registration is required. Can’t make it next week? Stay tuned to Ninety’s Facebook page for updates.



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