More Local Hot Spots Add Brunch Menus

Union Pig & Chicken, Alma Pan-Latin Kitchen and Franktuary all embrace weekend brunch.

Photo by Laura Petrilla


More local hot spots add brunch menus

Our resident “veghacker” Leah Lizarondo outlined 15 of our favorite brunch spots in our April cover story. Since then, the meal that provides the perfect marriage of sweet and savory dishes continues to grow in popularity. A few more favorite restaurants have added the weekend service:
Our go-to hot dog spot rolled out its brunchtime menu earlier this month. Offerings include new twists on salads, plus sweet sausages in waffle buns. (
Alma Pan-Latin Kitchen
Various half-sandwiches and scrambles fill the recently introduced lineup at Alma. Be sure to try the sweet-potato hash and some La Prima coffee. (

Union Pig & Chicken
Chicken and waffles — that's a match made in heaven for most. Insider tip: We learned that waffles are served ’til they run out; if you’re not a morning person, know that you can probably show up at 4 p.m. Sunday and still get one. (

Gryphon's Tea expands to Lawrenceville site
Tea experts at Gryphon's first set up at Pittsburgh Public Market, selling treats such as loose-leaf teas and spices. Later, they had a presence at farmers markets. The fair-trade and organic seller moved last month to a cozy shop where scents of the greens and oolongs fill the air. Visit the next time you need a little pick-me-up; teas are sold by bulk (dry) or by the cup (freshly made and poured). You'll also want to peruse the spice section for some fun finds.

(Gryphon's Tea, 4127 Butler St., Lawrenceville;

Beechview Fest showcases eateries' finest food
We're not shy about expressing our love for Beechview, where some of our favorite spots — Crested Duck Charcuterie, Slice on Broadway and Casa Rasta — are set up along Broadway Avenue. You, too, can find out what's so charming about those restaurants and others tomorrow at Beechview's second annual food festival. At the free event, enjoy live music and sample food and more from the aforementioned spots, plus Tupelo Honey Teas. Trust us — if Crested Duck plans to make caramelized duck-fat ice cream with fleur de sel, you'll want to at least stop by.

(Beechview Food Festival, corner of Broadway and Hampshire, Beechview; tomorrow from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.;

Baldwin Township to get a taste of 'The Big Easy'
It’s easy to fall in love with the cuisine and culture of New Orleans. Damian Nunimaker lived there for 12 years, and he wanted to bring to Pittsburgh a restaurant inspired by The Big Easy. Rue Bourbon Bar, Grill & Chill, his forthcoming eatery, will feature NOLA-inspired décor, select beers chilled to optimum temperatures and all the red beans and rice you could want. Nunimaker wants the place to feel like New Orleans; to achieve the right cultural vibe, he contracted an artist who worked on the House of Blues to cover the walls with paintings and other art pieces. Nunimaker himself is trying to focus his food menu on mostly Cajun cuisine.

(Rue Bourbon Bar, Chill & Grill, 100 McNeilly Road, Baldwin Township; 412/885-8595,


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