Masks, a Vaccine, Working from Home – Where Do You Stand?

If / when a vaccine to protect people from COVID-19 becomes available, would you opt to receive it? See if you agree to the answer to this question and others in a recent survey.


Pittsburgh-based market researcher CivicScience collects data on consumer preferences via polling widgets that run on and hundreds of other publishing sites across the country. Here’s a sample of what’s been learned about our behavior and perceptions of the future during the pandemic. Each question had a minimum of 1,000 responses.

Now, understanding COVID-19 is a reality, how comfortable are you being back in the office before there is a vaccine?


© CIVICSCIENCE 2020 Results (Margin +/- 2%) 2,575 responses from 05/27/2020 to 06/01/2020

If you knew you would be safe and healthy, would you prefer to continue working remotely or return to the office? (If you are not working remotely please select Does not apply)

Remote Work

© CIVICSCIENCE 2020 Results (+/- 2% )4,976 responses from 06/19/2020 to 07/07/2020

Do you get more or less done when you work from home?


© CIVICSCIENCE 2020 (Margin +/- 3%) 2,122 responses from 06/22/2016 to 06/29/2020 Percentages do not sum to 100 due to rounding.

If / when a vaccine to protect people from the coronavirus becomes available, would you opt to receive it?


© CIVICSCIENCE 2020 (Margin +/- 1%) 10,345 responses from 05/06/2020 to 07/13/2020

How comfortable do you feel about your children returning to school (in-person) in the fall?


© CIVICSCIENCE 2020 (Margin +/- 1%) 10,102 responses from 06/12/2020 to 07/15/2020

Which of the following would make you the MOST likely / the most comfortable to go back to an in-store retail experience (non-grocery)?


© CIVICSCIENCE 2020 (Margin +/- 2%) 4,436 responses from 06/22/2020 to 07/08/2020

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