Kiya Tomlin Company Producing and Donating Face Masks

The wife of Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has converted her fashion business into a mask-making operation.


A month ago, Kiya Tomlin and her four-person staff were working on her spring collection. When the government closed her business in Etna in the wake of the pandemic, the fashion designer and wife of Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin decided to keep her staff on the payroll.  

Anxious to help her struggling community, Tomlin and her staff began sewing two-layer cotton masks from their homes after consulting with officials at Allegheny Health Network. Other local fashion designers are also contributing masks.

The initial plan was to donate all of the masks but Tomlin soon got offers from people wanting to buy them. At first, she wanted to stick to donating all of the masks but realized selling some of them would benefit everyone.

“A portion of the proceeds goes to defraying the costs of the masks that we are donating,” Tomlin told the Tribune-Review.

The masks sell in packs of five for $48, with one guaranteed Steelers themed mask per order. Supplies will vary based on the needs of medical workers and demand from the public. 

Tomlin says she’s busier than ever, putting in 18 hour days to produce thousands of masks. 

She says her teenage daughter helps, but her husband’s sewing skills are non-existent.

“He did let me use him as a fit model for the masks for the first one I made,” she says.

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