Keeping the Faith

The timing of our annual Best Doctors issue has never been more appropriate as the entire medical community combats the pandemic. While we are singling out a select few, we can’t ignore all the doctors, nurses, physician and nursing assistants, nurse practitioners, therapists, pharmacists, technicians and other health care workers who are on the frontlines when we need them.

But we’ve also learned that many more of our neighbors are essential to our wellbeing and our ability to keep our social distance because they don’t have that luxury. Truck and delivery drivers, emergency responders and, of course, the many retail employees working to provide us with the food and things we need are vital to our community, and we are grateful they are here.

Pittsburgh Magazine also is working during the pandemic to bring you the latest information you need and stories to lift your spirits. You can find these online at and through The 412, our daily newsletter. The people behind these efforts have my deepest appreciation for their dedication even as things got tough. Chuck Beard, Sean Collier, Richard Cook, Lauren Davidson, Hal B. Klein, Tyler McFadden, Amanda Reed, Kimberly Rooney and Jessica Sinichak form an editorial team that cares about Pittsburgh Magazine and its mission. We want to celebrate the people and institutions that make Pittsburgh special, explain where we can do better and discover the things that make us unique. All of that hasn’t changed because of COVID-19.

As you read this issue you will see that, with the exception of our usual events coverage, we continue to share the stories you have come to expect from us. Yes, there are timely stories about the pandemic, but there are also stories about our community and its people because we have faith that Pittsburgh will return to normal, and we need to celebrate that.

We aren’t there yet.

The world feels like a very different place and on any given day we are scared, angry, frustrated, depressed and overwhelmed. And that’s OK. None of us has to carry on like things are normal because they aren’t.

These are tough times and if you aren’t impacted directly, then you no doubt know someone who is suffering financially, emotionally or even physically. As a community, we are coming together to support each other. And we want Pittsburgh Magazine to be a place where you can share those stories. Because we believe in hope, we believe in resilience and we believe in Pittsburgh.

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