Jake Gyllenhaal is in Town and He Wants His BRGR

The BRGR food truck received a special request to feed the “Southpaw” cast and crew tonight.

Photo courtesy of BRGR


When it’s 1 a.m. on a Wednesday night and you’re starving, your options are either to consult our list of the 8 Best Places for Late-Night Food in Pittsburgh (savvy!) or to commence the drive of shame to McDonald’s for a bag of McSadness (not so savvy!).

If you’re Jake Gyllenhaal, you simply call up BRGR and have them bring some fresh grass-fed beef burgers with a sweet onion marmalade and a frosty Salty Caramel shake directly to you. Maybe a side of truffle fries. You know, whatever your cool-guy heart desires.

Such is life for Jake Gyllenhaal and the cast and crew of the boxing film “Southpaw,” currently filming at an undisclosed location in Pittsburgh. The shooting is going late tonight and our tipster has notified us that they’ve called in the BRGR Truck to quell late-night hunger pangs. (How do you call for the BRGR truck? It’s a bat signal over Mount Washington in the shape of a cheeseburger).

Gyllenhaal is certainly a man of impeccable taste. Last month, he was spotted dining at downtown’s Meat & Potatoes with co-star Rachel McAdams. Hmm. BRGR. Meat & Potatoes. Both are 2014 Best Restaurants. We’re connecting the dots here.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Confirmed Pittsburgh Magazine reader.



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