It’s All One of A Kind at the New TWIN PINE in Sewickley

Expanding from its successful flagship location in Wexford, TWIN PINE Home & Heritage recently opened a new storefront along Beaver Street.

Twin S Front

Timeless vintage goods meet state-of-the-art modern designs at TWIN PINE’s new storefront in Sewickley. 

TWIN PINE offers a curated selection of home and lifestyle goods — including everything from furniture and lighting to decor and gifts — with a special focus on western and Americana themes. Owner and creative director Martin Potoczny says the one-of-a-kind details of antique pieces elevate any space.

“We believe that vintage is attainable luxury,” he says. “Rather than buying something new, mass-produced and made overseas in a sweatshop to be sold in a big box store, why not find something unique, well-made that is available in your neighborhood to decorate your home or business?” 

In June, TWIN PINE, which has a flagship location in Wexford, opened a second retail storefront in Sewickley — dubbed TWIN PINE Home & Heritage — in the former House15143 shop along Beaver Street; the home decor boutique closed early in 2023. 

Like House15143, TWIN PINE Home & Heritage showcases artisan home products, but adds in a curated selection of antique goods. 

Each of the items for sale — which include housewares, gifts, candles and furniture  — are labeled with a subtle “Heritage” or “Home” tag, which Potoczny says allows him to seamlessly integrate antique finds with new products. 

While the “Heritage” items — some of which date back as far as the 19th century — are vintage, the “Home” items are designed in-house by the TWIN PINE team and produced by small businesses located in the United States.

Twin S Interior 1

Potoczny says shopping at TWIN PINE is “a big win all around” because customers can simultaneously support local small businesses and local creatives, protect the environment by giving new life to old pieces and find one-of-a-kind staples for their homes. 

The business owner, who has been collecting antiques for 30 years and privately buying and selling them for more than 20, says he has “always adored and admired well-made, unique goods.” 

His flagship store in Wexford is located in a converted barn and contains more than 10 ever-changing scenes for customers to explore. TWIN PINE’s team of artists work together to source and style the scenes, combining various textures, colors and vintage objects to create an immersive experience. 

Potoczny says “nothing is left to chance” in the scenes, with every detail — down to the lighting, sounds and scents  — carefully curated. 

The flagship store is open most weekends, but mainly operates on a schedule of open houses and private shopping appointments. The Sewickley location is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Saturday throughout the summer; Potoczny says hours will expand seasonally for holiday shopping. 

TWIN PINE also boasts an extensive online store; Potoczny also has multiple pop-up shows planned for summer, including events taking place later this month in New York. 

For more information about TWIN PINE’s upcoming pop-ups, open houses and sales, visit its website or Instagram.

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