How Pittsburgh Homeowners and Renters Can Switch to Clean, Renewable Energy

You can reduce your impact on the environment in just two minutes with CleanChoice Energy.

Aerial View Of Windmills In Summer Forest In Finland. Wind Turbines For Electric Power With Clean And Renewable Energy

Growing up in the industrial town of Ambridge in Beaver County, Tom Matzzie witnessed first-hand the toll that air pollution from burning coal took on the health of his community.

Years later he installed solar panels on his home in an effort to reduce air pollution from fossil fuels, but he found the process to be unnecessarily difficult. He knew there must be a better way for more people to easily choose clean energy, so he decided to create a solution. In 2012, Matzzie founded CleanChoice Energy — an electricity supplier that provides customers with 100% clean, pollution-free energy from wind and solar sources.

Since then, CleanChoice Energy has grown to serve hundreds of thousands of customers — who have had a major positive impact on the planet. By using 100% clean electricity, CleanChoice customers have had the same environmental impact as planting more than 44 million trees, taking more than 800,000 cars off the road, or preventing more than 4.3 billion pounds of coal from being burned.

So how exactly does it work?

Right now, the power that comes to your home is likely from a mix of mostly dirty sources like coal and gas, which pollute our environment and contribute to climate change. But CleanChoice Energy will make sure all the energy you use is replenished on the power grid by 100% renewable, clean energy sources from wind and solar farms in the region.

By switching away from fossil fuels, you’ll greatly reduce your impact on the environment — giving you the peace of mind that you are limiting your contribution to climate change. In fact, switching to clean, renewable energy is one of the most effective ways to reduce the threat of air pollution and safeguard the health of our planet.

Not only is choosing clean energy one of the most important changes you can make — it’s also one of the easiest! Signing up takes only two minutes online, but it creates a lasting positive impact on our planet.

Whether you’re a Duquesne Light, Penelec, Penn Power, or West Penn Power customer — and whether you rent or own your home — you can choose 100% renewable energy for your home with CleanChoice Energy. Make the switch today to help create a better environment for future generations!

To learn more or to sign up and switch to Clean Electricity today, visit and receive a $50 Visa Card when you enroll. Terms apply.

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