How A Local Company Helps Couples Bring Their Furry Friends Down the Aisle

Bow Wow Weddings takes care of pups during a couple’s big day so they can enjoy their beloved companions without the stress.


Amanda Quinn only had two requests for her fiancé Anthony Corsi for their wedding: to have ice cream and have their dogs Brooks and Dublin in attendance. 

Anthony had adopted Brooks, a Brittany spaniel, five years ago as a hunting dog before he and Amanda got engaged. Golden retriever Dublin, though, was a gift to Amanda from Anthony after she finished her master’s degree at Ohio University’s satellite campus in Dublin, Ohio. 

“I actually have Brooks’ face tattooed on the back of my leg,” Anthony says. “So, they’re kind of our world.”

The couple describes the dogs as high-strung and knew it would be hard to include them in the wedding, so they decided to hire an outside company for help. 

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Anthony says he was researching online and came across Bow Wow Weddings, a professional dog care service based in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Founded by Pittsburgher Don Valentine and Philadelphia-based Myles Ragin, who met in finance classes at Robert Morris University, the company handles all care and chaperoning for pets, in addition to upgrades such as ceremony assistance, photo assistance, formal doggie clothing rentals and more. 

For Amanda and Anthony’s nuptials on Oct. 8 at the Laurel Hideaway in Jones Mills, Westmoreland County, the company’s handlers were able to care for the dogs at the couple’s house the night before, while Amanda and Anthony left for Jones Mills to set up. The handlers met the couple at the wedding venue the next day and took care of the dogs during the ceremony and reception. 



“My best man and maid of honor actually walked them down the aisle,” Anthony says. “Because they’re so high-strung, we immediately had to hand them back off to the handlers.”

Despite the dogs’ energy on the big day, both Amanda and Anthony were happy to have incorporated them into the ceremony and pictures. The couple has recommended to other couples to include their furry friends in their own weddings. 

“They’re a big part of our lives so we wanted them there,” Anthony says. “It is worth every single penny.” 

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