Highland Park Gets a Taste of Europe With E2

Plus find out about a hidden cheap eats gem in Munhall.

Photo of E2 Restaurant from Flickr.

Highland Park gets a taste of Europe with opening of E2
If you haven’t been to Bryant Street in Highland Park lately, check it out. One recently opened restaurant, E2, offers casual cuisine with a with a European (predominantly Italian) flair and is part of the burgeoning little commercial district. The small eatery is owned by executive chef Kate Romane and Larry Lagattuta of Enrico Biscotti, the well-known bakery and cafe in the Strip District.

The brunch menu includes a nice mix of traditional breakfast fare and hearty luncheon dishes. My favorite was the brioche breakfast ($10): homemade brioche and pieces of Camembert on mixed greens with sliced Granny Smith apples—all drizzled with truffle honey. The frittata changes weekly; the feta, olive and oregano version ($11) is light and fluffy and not overcooked. The bread puddings and French toast (both made with Enrico’s homemade bread) change weekly and are excellent as well.

For those who can’t wait ’til their meal arrives, E2 also offers "OMGs" (which stands for “Oh my gosh—I am so hungry!”).  Romane says, “I want people to have something to nibble on when they come in hungry and are looking at the menu.” During brunch, OMG offerings include homemade beignets, donuts and zeppolis (savory fried dough sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and pepper with optional anchovies rolled into the dough).

(5904 Bryant St., Highland Park. Brunch: Sat.-Sun., 9 a.m.-2 p.m.; Dinner: Tues.-Fri., 5-10 p.m., Sat., 6-10 p.m. Info: 412/441-1200, e2pittsburgh.com)
-Valentina, PM Restaurant Critic

Home Cooked by Donna serves inexpensive comfort food
Hidden in the Munhall-Homestead area is a small gem of a restaurant. Unknown to most, but favored by locals, Home Cooked by Donna offers feel-good comfort food—the way mom used to make it. Donna and her daughter run the restaurant, serving generous portions of traditional favorites.

All entrées cost less than $10 but include enough food to guarantee leftovers. Locals favor the Hot Savory Meatloaf Sandwich and the Turkey Devonshire. Ordering the almost-famous Meatloaf Sandwich will get you a hearty slice of Donna’s meatloaf on grilled Italian bread alongside mashed potatoes smothered with gravy.

(406 E. 8th Ave., Munhall; 412/464-1450)
—Carley Kapcin, PM Marketing Intern

MagNoodles, a healthy pasta option
Focusing on convenience generally creates unhealthy foods spiked with additives and preservatives galore. But MagNoodles Organic Pasta has turned this easy-to-make American favorite into a superfood, full of all the good stuff that you want to consume.

Founder Aileen Magnotto, a breast cancer survivor, believes proper nutrition can serve as a preventative measure for many diseases—and a box of MagNoodles may be a step in the right direction.

MagNoodles are created with organic whole grains, like durum, spelt, kamut and semolina, and blended with carrots, beets, spinach and tomatoes. The colors are pretty, but the health benefits are supreme—each serving contains seven grams of protein and boasts vitamins A, B and C.

This tasty product is currently available at Whole Foods, McGinnis Sisters, East End Co-op, SunnyBridge Natural Foods, Franferd Farms and Naturally Soergels.
—Christine Mouser, PM Editorial Intern

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