Food Glorious Food’s French-Inspired Desserts are Absolument Délicieux

Celebrate National Peach Month with the Highland Park bakery’s ‘just peachy’ desserts.

Cake at Food Glorious Food is ‘peachy’

Meticulousness and efficiency are two hallmarks of a great chef. Arbil Lopez, who studied at the Culinary Institute of America, taps her classic training when whipping up French-inspired goods at Food Glorious Food. While creating the “just peachy” entremets — which feature local produce and flavors of caramel, white chocolate and vanilla — she uses a few molds to ensure each layer is the right size, building some portions in advance. The light, creamy mousse desserts taste — and look — like pieces of heaven. Be sure to treat yourself to some of this cake during National Peach Month.

(Food Glorious Food, 5906 Bryant St., Highland Park; 412/363-5330;; photo by Laura Petrilla)

Pittsburgh gains another cooking school

Budding culinarians have another place to sharpen their skills: On Wednesday, the American Academy of Culinary Arts held its grand opening on Pittsburgh Technical Institute’s campus. The new school will kick off its first semester this coming fall, when accomplished chef Norman Hart begins kitchen instruction. Chef Hart, a member of the American Culinary Federation, will lead students through courses focused on knife skills, menu planning and other key fundamentals. The AACA offers programs for a certificate in culinary arts, as well as an associate degree.

(American Academy of Culinary Arts at PTI, 1111 McKee Road, Oakdale; 877/213-7402,

Vegan ABC offers lineup of satisfying wraps
Nourishing meal on a shoestring budget? It can be done. Just look to Vegan ABC, a vendor at the Pittsburgh Public Market, for help with that.

The menu lists buffalo “chicken” and pulled “pork” among its wrap and sandwich fillings. Choose to add cheese, rice and “ranch” to your wrap to make it extra tasty. Did we mention that none of the offerings cost more than $8? You can feel good about eating meat- and dairy-free fare freshly prepared by a “family of food-obsessed people.”

(Vegan ABC is a vendor at the Pittsburgh Public Market, open Friday-Sunday;

Speaking of cheap eats, it’s Pittsburgh Restaurant Week  (through Sunday). Dine out for the price of $20.13 at some local restaurants, leaving you and your wallet full.

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