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Photo via Sad Desk Lunch


You’re putting in tons of unpaid overtime and you probably don’t even realize it. The all-too-familiar scene: a depressing Tupperware container sits next to your keyboard. It’s filled with day-old tuna salad. You’ve stolen some Ritz crackers from the office kitchen. Maybe you’ve even splurged on a Cherokee Red from the vending machine.

As you eat, you are answering long-overdue emails from Philip in IT.

This disorder is known as a Sad Desk Lunch, and it’s afflicting 62 percent of American office workers, according to a recent study. That Sad Lunch time translates to an extra 11 days per year spent working absentmindedly at your desk.

That’s not cool.

You don’t want to be sad. You need a break. You need to be experiencing some of Pittsburgh’s incredible food trucks. Think of the possibilities: delicious strawberry crepes from the PGH Crepes truck; sizzling burgers from The Steer and Wheel or BRGR; hearty, buttery pierogies from the PGH Pierogi Truck; a spicy California roll from Nakama’s new rolling sushi station.

But how will you know where to find these mobile delights?

Follow our new food truck tracker on Twitter @PGHmagEAT, or simply check in on the tracker’s stream on our Eat + Drink channel whenever you get hungry. You’ll receive instant updates on schedules, specials, live pictures from the trucks and more.

Want to try it? We’ve embedded the tracker below. Bon appetit.


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