Expert Designer Shows You How to Update Your Home

Are you ready to give your home a makeover, but don’t know where to start? Interior designer Vicci Franz shares her expert tips.

Here’s the reality — it’s expensive to update a room (or multiple rooms) in your home, and if you’ve tried to do the work yourself, you may have found the results to be uninspired. Was your favorite reading chair just too big for the space? Was there less room to move around your furniture than you imagined? Is the paint color you chose just not right?

According to Vicci Franz of Vicci Franz Interior Design, room updates are complicated and require a lot of time to make sure that the transition from one room to another is seamless. But, says Franz, this is where she and her team shine.

“We specialize in the refined, all while saving you the time and money of costly mistakes,” she says.

If you’re ready to begin an update for your home, you may want to begin with the rooms that are the most visible. The family room, entry, kitchen, powder room, dining room — these are all spaces your guests will see when you’re entertaining and a great starting point for your home update.

Franz says that you need to evaluate your current materials such as flooring, wall finishes, wood trim and color along with your current furnishings to decide if you’re in the market for an entire room makeover or if some of your existing pieces are easily integrated into your refurbished room.


It’s common to proceed either way, so think about whether you have an idea of what you would like the room to look like, if you have favorite colors or if you have seen a room that really appeals to you. But however you decide to proceed, a professional interior designer will be able to help you decide on the furnishings and finishes that compliment your goals and identify those items that may hinder you from creating the room of your dreams.

Keep in mind that kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms to update; you may want to consider your decisions regarding finishes and style and their impact on resale value. You can create a personalized space and still appeal to a broad audience, so that when you’re ready to move the renovation isn’t a burden of the sale.

Franz and her team specialize in making the complicated process of a renovation project simple, taking care of the details and producing refined results while preserving your time and investment.

“There is a great sense of calm and pride when you experience your updated, beautiful home for the first time,” Franz says. “It is a luxury that you have worked hard to achieve — but remember that the pride of creating an impressive home begins with a well-conceived plan.”

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