Every Child Deserves a Champion

It all starts with one person choosing to be the difference for a child in need.


Each year, Pressley Ridge helps thousands of children learn, grow and thrive through the support of a safe, caring foster home until they can return home or become adopted. It all starts with one person choosing to be the difference for a child in need.

Children who enter treatment foster care bring with them their own set of special needs – most importantly, the need for a stable family life.


The youth – infants to age 21 – are affected by trauma, and as a result, may have behavioral or emotional needs. Our foster parents are specially trained to support a child’s emotional and developmental needs, help them stay connected to family and friends, and encourage their participation in community and recreational activities. Treatment parents are a key member of our team working directly with children on changing behaviors and building new skills, while receiving 24/7 support from the caring network of Pressley Ridge professionals.



We are seeking caring people to help our children. Foster parents can be from any race or faith background; married, single or in a partnership; working or retired. We welcome and support LGBTQ adults who are interested in becoming foster parents. If you decide to open your heart and home, you will be the child’s champion and an important partner in helping us to treat the child’s needs. Visit PressleyRidge.org/FosterCare for more information or to take the first step.

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