Eco Friendly: How Vanguard Became an Industry Leader in Sustainability


The furniture industry has become increasingly aware of then growing needs to protect the planet and many companies have taken steps to become more sustainable.

One company who is doing an exceptional job at this is Vanguard Furniture.

They see sustainability as a way of life rather than a program.

One of their focuses has been on manufacturing by-product recycling. Most all the waste created during the manufacturing process is recycled. This includes 24,000 pounds of plastic from containers and packaging and nearly 180,000 pounds of fabric.

Another important focus for Vanguard is sustainable forestry. According to the Forest Stewardship Council, their case goods are sourced from well-managed facilities. They use wood products from unusual sources and re-manufacture them into high-quality furniture.

Cushions and Textiles are also eco-friendly. Natural fibers are used in all cushion options which include a mix of duck feathers and down. Their springs are chemical free and are made of recycled materials. All Vanguard fabrics are made of 100% natural fibers such as linen, wool, and cotton. They also offer fabrics created from recycled materials and salvaged fabrics.

Lastly, Vanguard marketing material is certified by the International Forest Stewardship Council meaning all paper products used comes from forests whose owners follow the best social and environmental practices.

Vanguard is leading the industry in sustainability practices and they urge others to help do their part to help guard the planet. Way to go Vanguard!


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