Down With Domino's: 4 Local Food Deliveries You Didn’t Know Existed

Get everything from cold-pressed juice to homemade ice cream sandwiches delivered to your door.

Photo by Reto Fetz


You know it’s bad when a fast-food chain creates a national ad campaign that basically says, “Yep, our stale, weird pizza was terrible, but now we’re going to fix it.”

Domino's may have come up with some clever, self-deprecating ads to market new recipes,  but using a bunch of buzzwords does not equate to “food that is good for you.”

Look, I know: Pizza is soooo good. And you’re right. It is. That’s why we will forever love Italy. But, per favore, let’s enjoy pizza the way the Italians wish for it to be enjoyed. Don’t have the time or the talent (speaking from my own experience) to make a homemade pie? Fret not. We’re lucky to have a number of places in Pittsburgh with great pizza.

Do it right. Go to one of these places. Don’t cheat your pizza experience with ingredients such as hydrolyzed corn gluten, one of the many ingredients that Domino's and other pizza chains use. It’s another term for MSG. Sneaky folks.

What if there were a food-delivery service that helped us make magic in the kitchen instead of moseying to our couches with a paper-towel plate? Now that’s a concept. Who wants to go through the hellacious time-suck of going to the grocery store and playing Parking Lot Chicken and Grocery Kart Bumper Cars?

Nobody! And guess what? There already are four area delivery services that will bring fresh, high-quality food to you.


Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar — GOOD BREAD, Too, If You’re Lucky

Have a lonely bottle of red wine on your counter? All you need now is quality oil, a drizzle of fantastic balsamic vinegar and good bread. If a trip to the kitchen reveals that you (sadly) have none of those things, allow Olive & Marlowe to come to your rescue! I seem to be writing about Olive & Marlowe every month — but how can I not? The only local bottler of REAL olive oil has raised awareness of the prevalence of bogus extra virgin olive oil littering store shelves.


Olive & Marlowe offers a diverse, delicious array of olive oils, balsamic vinegars and — if you’re lucky when you make the call — fresh bread from La Gourmandine in Lawrenceville. For a measly $2 service charge and a $35 minimum order, the little shop will deliver within 10 miles of East Liberty. Live farther away? Try asking really nicely . . . (It’s not too late to start perfecting those manners.)



You read that right. Groceries. TO. YOUR. DOOR.

Millennials, the fact that you eschew cars doesn’t mean you can’t buy fresh produce and good food to stock in your kitchen. Same goes to our growing biking community. Take heed. For a $40 minimum, Isidore Foods will deliver directly to you — vegetables, fruits, meats, breads, dairy and coffee. It’s as simple as going to the website, picking what you need and voila! Someone’s at your front door. Magic.


Want more stuff? Frankferd Farms delivers basic groceries plus baby food, dog food, toothpaste and bulk items such as beans, rice and flour. The farm requires a $225 purchase minimum; that said, I typically try to get a couple of friends in on the order, but there are some times that just my single order is enough (bulk, baby!). Frankferd sources a lot of products locally and is a great source for finding organic items. The only drawback? Ordering is a little bit of a P.I.T.A. because the catalog is a Word document, and the online form is hard to use.

Pro tip: I keep an Excel file of my orders (don’t look at me like I’m crazy) and simply email it to them. Once you do one, you can just reorder with the same file! No. I am not OC.


Cold-Pressed Fresh Juice

Feeling sick? Hankering for a cleanse? Or just want something super-fresh to quench your thirst? Good Life Juices should be on your speed dial. With only a four-bottle minimum, the company will deliver anywhere in Allegheny County. This is BIG, people!


Handmade Ice Cream Sandwiches

What if — just what if — you could have a Blackberry Tangerine and Whipped Shortbread Ice Cream Sandwich delivered to your door?! OR a Dark Chocolate Bundt Cake Ice Cream Sandwich? OR a Cinnamon Ice Cream between Oatmeal Lace Cookies?


Surprise: We live in the best city ever because these dreams can come true right here in Pittsburgh. Leona’s is a godsend. For a two-dozen order minimum — have a party or stash them for emergencies — owner Katie Heldstab will make a beeline for your house and deliver these cool treats. In fact, she currently is raising funds to expand her production. So help her help you get the treats you crave.


Bonus: Want great restaurant food without leaving your sofa?

If you’re really desperate for pizza and about to break down and call Domino’s, there’s still hope for you. Happy Bellies delivers meals from 20 local restaurants, including some — such as Social at Bakery Square — that serve housemade pies.

You can download the slick PDF menu here. Print it out and stick it on your fridge in case of emergencies.

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