Domaine Chandon Brut Classic – California

This wine will add a touch of vivacity to your New Year’s Eve celebration.

Domaine Chandon is a beautiful winery worth visiting when you’re in Napa Valley. Its award-winning restaurant, étoile, is open for lunch and dinner, and on a sunny day it is a prime place to enjoy a meal on the terrace. Domaine Chandon was the first sparkling-wine facility established by a major Champagne house (Moet & Chandon) in Napa Valley. It influenced California’s sparkling wine manufacturing by combining the Champagne method of production with the riper California fruit.

Consider having the Chandon Brut classic [$17.99; PLCB code: 7878] during your New Year’s celebrations to add a touch of vivacity. The wine, rated at 90 points, opens with a fine stream of bubbles, and it delivers delicate citrus aromas and flavors with hints of green apple, bread yeast and minerals in the finish.


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