Delicious Design Award: 2013

Vallozzi’s new downtown location is a stunning combination of old-world Tuscany with classy modern touches.

Photos by Laura Petrilla


The Vallozzi family has owned its popular Italian restaurant in Greensburg for more than 30 years, so locals were delighted when the clan opened a downtown location last year. Right outside Market Square, the new Vallozzi’s was part of a historic-building renovation project on Fifth Avenue completed by developer Millcraft Industries, Inc. Vallozzi’s exterior features a white façade, large glass windows and exquisite blue detailing.

“We were looking at putting our restaurant in East Liberty, but when the Piatts [from developer Millcraft] showed us this space, we instantly fell in love,” says owner Julian Vallozzi. “The downtown scene is great, and we count our blessings that we chose to locate here.”

The restaurant started as a gutted open space and was artfully divided into two major public spaces — the sunlit bar and front dining area, and the polished main dining room. Guests can also consider reserving one of two popular side rooms for small business meetings or celebrations.

Vallozzi’s interior features high ceilings, arched stone passageways, stacked stone walls and soft-colored murals. “My dad [Ernie Vallozzi] and I had a strong vision for this restaurant. We wanted it to be like a space you might walk into in an old Tuscan village, where everything feels real,” says Vallozzi. “We wanted it to be traditional but with some modern touches in the furniture.” 

The Vallozzis worked with Charles Stern from Basic Concept Interiors of Allison Park, who did “a great job bringing our vision to life.” Local artist Lauri Mancuso painted the murals and distressed them to give them an Old-World feel.

At Vallozzi’s downtown, the overall appearance is pleasant and calm, with an upscale touch.


220 Fifth Ave., downtown


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