Chris Bonfili Opens B Gourmet

Plus, the Girl Scouts roll out a new cookie and our food report tells you what's hot now, 5 minutes ago and yesterday.

New Sewickley eatery offers tasty to-go options

Chris Bonfili (pictured) and his wife, Jenn, owners of Avenue B in Shadyside, started getting calls about their newest venture before they even signed a lease for the space. That shows just how much excitement was brewing about recently opened B Gourmet. The eatery will offer top-notch prepared foods from its creative menu. Takeout options include roasted beets with barley, savory cold pasta dishes, quinoa tabouli or homey chicken and pasta salads; “heat-and-eat” items will also be available, like crab cakes, lasagna, vegetable stacks or blue-cheese-and-bacon burgers. And a “Dinners-to-Go” program means that a different full meal will be available daily: Order ahead (by 2 p.m.) and pick it up on the way home.

(B Gourmet, 428 Beaver St., Sewickley; 412/741-6100,,
—Kate Chynoweth, PM Food Editor

We know that you, our foodie readers, always try to keep abreast of culinary trends, which is why we're going to share the latest news with you. Get ready to take some notes:

New Girl Scout cookie adds cheer to chilly winter days

We've recently experienced a sharp downturn in temperatures — plus, we're currently watching snow accumulate — so it's obvious that we've officially hit winter, Pittsburgh-style. While that sounds depressing, there are a few ways to cheer up. Like noshing on some Savannah Smiles, the latest addition to the ever-popular Girl Scout cookie line. Celebrating its centennial, the organization unrolled the new variety, appropriately named for its bright citrus flavor. The crunchy lemon-flavored cookies are shaped like lemon wedges and are dusted with powdered sugar, providing the perfect balance of tart and sweet. Scouts won't be selling goods via booths until next month, but you can order the treats online to immediately cure the winter blues.

(Savannah Smile Girl Scout Cookies: $4 per box. Order some online:
—Kristina Martin, PM Associate Editor

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