Celebrate Inclusivity With Disability Pride Pittsburgh Parade This Weekend

Disability Pride PA is spreading all over the state, and they’re making a stop in Pittsburgh this weekend for the first time.
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Disability Pride is taking over Pennsylvania. Starting in Philadelphia in 2012, Disability Pride PA celebrates disability rights and is spreading its celebration across the state, including Pittsburgh. 

The nonprofit is hosting its first Pittsburgh parade from 1 to 5 p.m on July 23. The celebration will be held on Fort Duquesne Boulevard between the the Sixth and Seventh Street bridges. 

The organization advocates for an inclusive world by promoting disabled visibility and cultivating pride. Ultimately, they want to teach others about disability access and inclusion, offer products and services to other organizations to be more inclusive, offer job opportunities to disabled people, provide education for disabled students, support disabled artists and support disability pride efforts everywhere. 

“Disability Pride represents a rejection of the notion that our physical, sensory, mental and cognitive differences from the non-disabled standard are wrong or bad in any way, and is a statement of our  self-acceptance, dignity and pride,” Sarah Triano wrote in the Encyclopedia of Disability. “It is a public expression of our belief that our disabilities are a natural part of human diversity, a celebration of our heritage and culture and a validation of our experience.”


The parade will celebrate this pride in the 32nd anniversary year of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prohibits discrimination based on disability. It showcases what inclusion and access look like, while also engaging in difficult conversations that some people typically stray from. 

The event is open to everyone, and people can register through Disability Pride PA’s website. Everyone who registers is entered for a chance to win a prize. 

There will be live performances, food trucks, speakers from within the community, activities and information booths. American Sign Language interpreters will be at the event in addition to its live stream on YouTube and live pop-ins on Facebook

Special Guests include MC Imani Barbarin (AKA Crutches and Spice), who is a disability rights and inclusion activist and writer with cerebral palsy; keynote speaker Jessica Benham, who is a state representative and the first openly LGBTQ+ woman and first openly austic person elected in the Pennsylvania General Assembly; Rory Cooper, a bioengineer focusing on rehabilitation science; Dan Miller, a state representative; Ta’lor Pinkston, The Heart Advocate therapist; and Gab Bonesso, a standup comedian. 

Disability Pride PA hopes to curate pride events all year across Pennsylvania. 

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