Carnegie Mellon Fashion Week(end)

CMU conquers the fashion world with their annual student-curated, DIY Lunar Gala show.

CMU conquers the fashion world with Lunar Gala
While outside assessments of local fashion have perhaps been a bit too cruel, let’s face it: Pittsburgh may be many things, but we’re not a hotbed of haute couture. No one has ever lumped Paris, Milan and the Steel City together in a global shopping spree. Fortunately, though, we have at least one world-class night at the runway each year: Carnegie Mellon’s annual Lunar Gala.
The event combines the talents of CMU students in a variety of disciplines — from fashion to dance to programming and beyond — for a night of catwalk-gazing that keeps up with any Euro trendsetter. In addition to student-designed lines, styles from local labels like ModCloth and Decade will be featured. And if you want to keep the night going (and the lights low), your surprisingly affordable ticket is also good for admission to WHIM Nightclub on East Carson Street. Arrive early — past events have sold out.

(Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Ave., Weigand Gymnasium, Oakland; Saturday, 7:30 p.m.; $20-$30; tickets at the door or via email,

Spreading love, one human at a time
We received a lot of feedback on our February feature, the Pet Lover's Guide. It’s not news, but people are more than passionate about their dogs. A great deal of the response, though, praised our placement of a smiling Pit Bull on the issue’s cover — after years with a bad rap, folks are finally realizing that the unfairly-maligned breed are victims of a bad reputation and systemic abuse, and make for some of the finest pets a dog lover could ever adopt. That’s why After Dark is particularly happy to report on this weekend’s Lovers Not Fighters Gala — the key fundraising event for local Pit Bull rescue organization Hello Bully. Read more — and meet Bulletproof Sam, quite possibly the most awesome dog in the world — in this week’s edition of After Dark!

Music on the Edge returns with one-of-a-kind performance

The Pitt Department of Music’s Music on the Edge (MOTE) series is just what it sounds like: an edgy collection of musical wonder. As part of the 2012-13 lineup of visiting artists, co-directors Eric Moe and Mathew Rosenblum, and conductor Roger Zahab will fill The Andy Warhol Museum with sounds from Iranian soprano Haleh Abghari and Pittsburgh percussionist Lisa Pegher this Saturday. Accompanied by the MOTE Chamber Orchestra, visiting artists Abghari and Pegher will perform pieces from various musicians, like John Cage and Patrick Burke (and possibly a few works of their own). Don’t miss out on soaring solos and awe-inspiring orchestration — and take advantage of student, senior and advance-purchase discounts (or just pay $20 at the door).

(117 Sandusky St., North Shore; Saturday, 8 p.m.; 412/624-7529,

In Theaters:
New releases coming to Pittsburgh theaters this weekend — today, actually, if you’re in the market for a lazy Valentine’s date — include Bruce Willis going back to the well with A Good Day to Die Hard; your annual V-Day weeper, Safe Haven; and yet another romantic fantasy aimed at teens and sensitive grown-ups, Beautiful Creatures.
Don’t miss grand opening events tomorrow and Saturday at downtown’s new Arcade Comedy Theater as headliners including “Pittsburgh Dad” Curt Wootton and PM’s own Sean Collier (plus his dad) make you laugh, along with a roster of other comics and improvisers. Click here for more information.
If Saturday rolls around and you’re still in the mood for some romance, join La Mendocina Argentine Catering at Sharpsburg’s La Dorita Dulce de Leche for a BYOB (with no corkage fee!) salsa fiesta with Salsa Pittsburgh. Contact Monica at 412/824-9667 or for more information.

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