BizTown to help 3,000 Pittsburgh Children Learn About Jobs

Junior Achievement’s new hands-on facility will let kids dive into the business world.


While many students don’t get the chance to learn about careers until high school or college, Junior Achievement is taking the initiative to teach even younger kids about career paths in an immersive way.

The JA BizTown facility, a mini-city featuring businesses from around the Pittsburgh region, will help 3,000 students in grades four to six learn about jobs by the end of this school year.



Located in South Fayette, JA Biztown features 19 sponsored storefronts from businesses such as UPMC, Highmark, Giant Eagle, Koppers, Comcast, 100.7 FM Star and Sheetz. The facility converts the lessons Junior Achievement brings to the classroom into an immersive experience to teach children about real-world jobs and how they relate to their classes.



“Nothing is more important than connecting the dots between what children learn in school and how it’s applied in the real world,” says Dennis Gilfoyle, CEO of Junior Achievement, in a press release. “Children need to be immersed in experiences that go beyond the four walls of a classroom.”

Junior Achievement has more details about BizTown, as well as a case study about the program, available on its website. Additionally, they are taking online submissions for those interested in volunteering to help, people wishing to donate to the program and teachers interested in having the program come to their schools.

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