7 Best Places to Catch an Amazing Pittsburgh Sunset

The best part? You don’t even have to leave your car.



As winter draws to a close, there never has been a more appropriate time to declare, “Let there be light.” Now that we've "sprung ahead," Pittsburgh’s skies will stay illuminated longer. Prolonged visibility, locals know, doesn’t mean the brisk temperatures are behind us just yet.

So why leave your car to catch the evening sunset? Photographer Dave DiCello, who has drawn quite the social-media buzz for his dazzling cityscapes, weighed in with expert advice on where to watch the setting sun from behind your windshield.  

Spring Hill

Spring Hill offers greenery and houses to foreground the dozing sun.



Greenfield’s elevation makes it a prime alternative to the popular vantage points in the city. DiCello snapped a photo from a dead-end road, proving you can watch from your car. “It kind of gives you that skyline that you get from being on Mount Washington or being on another elevated areas of the city,” he says.


North Shore

The North Shore gives outstanding perspective of the city at any hour of the day. While the sun is setting, the scene is a majestic downtown. “You’re by the water, and there’s the skyline, the bridges, the stadiums. There’s a lot to see from down there — the bridges hit the building, and it reflects off the river. it can make for a pretty nice view,” he says.


16th Street Bridge

Beat traffic and the mediocre radio tunes on the 16th Street Bridge, where the view can satisfy many a bored commuter.  


Point State Park

Drive by Point State Park to glance at the myriad of colors reflected in the pool of its fountain.


Roberto Clemente Bridge

Hit the brakes in the parking garage directly after the Roberto Clemente Bridge. If the Pirates are playing, the stadium’s life offers a subtle glint of life as the day fades to night.


31st Street Bridge

Just by Washington’s Landing, the 31st Street Bridge gives a breathtaking snapshot of the Allegheny River.


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