5 Places We Love to Have a Beer

The frequent joke in Pittsburgh is that we’re happy to add a few beers to nearly any occasion — any excuse is often a good one. But there are some scenarios in which beer tastes a bit better. Many involve warm-weather occasions; so as the city starts to thaw, think forward to some of our favorite activities (outside of the bar) to grab a brew.

photo by dave dicello


Overlooking the City
Fortunately, there can be more to a trip to Mount Washington than snapping selfies and pointing out the Cathedral of Learning. Pay a visit to The Grandview Saloon and Coal Hill Steakhouse [thegrandviewsaloon.com] and request a seat on the outdoor deck; it’s easiest to find a table during lunch. Select from the rotating list of draft beers — which often contains local favorites from the likes of Penn Brewery, East End and Church Brew Works — and sip your brew while gazing over the Golden Triangle and beyond.

Photo by dave dicello


At a Pirates Game
Beer and hot dogs long since have replaced peanuts and Cracker Jack as the natural accompaniment to a ballgame. In Pittsburgh, you aren’t limited to the light-beer baseball norm, either. At PNC Park, head to Pub 475 (behind section 134 on the main concourse) for a selection of craft offerings and local brews. Pick something crisp and refreshing, and enjoy the national pastime.

photo by richard cook


On a Boat
We should clarify up front: You’ll need to check with local authorities on the legality of consuming alcohol while afloat. If the water is in a state park, for example, the same rules that would apply on land carry over to your boat — and that means no alcohol. (Operating a boat under the influence is, of course, always illegal and very dangerous). But if the circumstances are right and a designated driver is at the helm, there are few finer experiences than throwing back a favorite beer while bobbing gently on one of the three rivers.

photo by john altdorfer


While Watching a Movie
It wasn’t long ago that no cinema in town offered patrons the chance to enjoy a beer and a film. Now, many favorite local theaters — such as Row House Cinema [rowhousecinema.com], AMC Loews Waterfront 22 [amctheatres.com] and the Manor Theater [manorpgh.com] — have bars on-site. If you’ve never tried it before, trust us on this one: beer tastes great with popcorn.

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During an Outdoor Show at Stage AE
When the action at the concert venue Stage AE [promowestlive.com] on the North Shore turns around and faces the venue’s intimate outdoor area, brave the lines at the bar and grab a beer for the show. While Stage AE’s prices are on the high side, they’re not astronomical (unlike some other local venues), and it offers a much finer selection than many sports and entertainment places. For bonus points, do so when attending a show by a band you loved in high school, and experience rocking out with a drink in hand to a song that came out before you could legally purchase a beer.

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