5 Best Pittsburgh-Area Restaurants of the Global Majority

Liana ManEese founded The Center on Interracial Relationships and is particularly interested in reminding Pittsburghers that our community “is made up of just about every kind of person from every corner of the earth.” “Sometimes we forget that Pittsburgh isn’t just a binary opposition of races, but a smorgasbord of flavors brought here by people sharing their very specific styles of cooking, all full of what we love most about food: the comfort of home and the families that feed us,” she says.

photo by laura petrilla

Taiwanese Bistro Cafe 33

One of the people I love most in the world makes the best ma-po tofu I have ever had, but when he doesn’t want to cook, we eat it here. This is a home away from home where eating in big groups family style leads to joyful conversations and full bellies. Recommendations: ma-po tofu, garlic eggplant and ALL OF THE DUMPLINGS!


Cilantro & Ajo

Latin American food varies drastically and should never be put in a sweeping category, and Venezuelan food is special for so many reasons. Husband-and-wife team Anthony Goncalves and Marlyn Parra opened the East Carson Street Venezuelan street food spot in 2018. The food here is fire (insert appropriate emoji here). Recommendations: maracucha and patacon. 


Fireside Caribbean Restaurant

I love Jamaican patties. I love bringing them home and putting sprouts, tomato and vegan mayo (I am not vegan, I just think it tastes better) in the patty, a little trick I picked up at my fave Los Angeles spot, Simply Wholesome on Slauson Avenue. Recommendations: jerk wings and patties.

photo by johanna lasner

Casa Brasil

As a Brazilian, it may seem that I am obligated to mention this place, however, Chef Keyla has a focus on traditional African influenced dishes that need to be eaten and their history honored. Brazilian food honors our ancestors and possesses healing power. Recommendations: Everything is delicious with farofa sprinkled on top and a side of Pão de queijo.

photo by laura petrilla

Salem’s Halal Market and Grill

This is hands down the most diverse Pittsburgh institution. It is the most beautiful scene in the city for me. Every moment of every day it is filled with every kind of person in this city, eating together. Maybe it’s because it is blessed — [I think] it is the best meat I have ever had in Pittsburgh. Recommendations: Naan cheese steak, the spinach in the hot bar, samosas with the best garlic sauce I have ever had and the babaganoush. 

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