5 Best Pittsburgh-Area Dog Parks

Although it would probably be better to have my dog write this, his poor keyboard skills force me to step in.

Aspinwall Riverfront Park 

This seemingly little-known dog park right next to Aspinwall Marina is perfect for dogs who may not get along well with other dogs, because there’s hardly ever anyone there. There aren’t many signs to it, but it’s tucked away at the end of the wooden walking path inside Aspinwall Riverfront Park. There’s a plastic bag dispenser and a dog first-aid kit inside, and usually plenty of toys and balls to throw. Bonus points for the two gigantic (like, Hagrid-sized) blue beach chairs for human visitors. 

PHOTO BY Julia Menosky

Highland Park Dog Park

Highland Park’s off-leash exercise area is great for a number of reasons: the fenced-in space is divided into a section for small dogs and big dogs; there’s a water fountain, bowls and extra clean-up supplies right outside the front gate; and there’s benches for tired dog owners to sit down. The sheer size of the space is perfect to give your doggos some much-needed exercise. 


Allegheny Commons Park Off-Leash Area

The off-leash area at Allegheny Commons Park is not fenced in, so only well-trained dogs should hang out there. The picturesque trees and bridge over the pond make for a serene spot to hang with man’s best friend(s). 


Frick Park Off-Leash Exercise Area 

Walk through the trails inside Frick Park and you’ll find a fenced-in off-leash area for dogs with fun tunnels and hills for them to play on. There’s often provided water jugs, and there’s a fountain to fill them up fairly nearby, but it couldn’t hurt to bring some for your dog just in case. At the Forbes Avenue lower entrance to the park is also Hot Dog Dam, a smaller (mostly) fenced-in area where pups can play in the water.


North Park Off-Leash Dog Park

For canine lovers in the North Hills, North Park’s dog park is a fantastic option. Leashed dogs are allowed in the entire park in addition to the off-leash dog park. Water and plastic bags are provided.

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