2020 40 Under 40 Honoree: Sharise Nance

“It’s not the load that breaks you but the way you carry it.”

NanceSharise Nance (39)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Author and Entrepreneur
HandinHand Counseling Services
Vitamin C Healing

Sharise Nance is a social worker, counselor, author and entrepreneur who focuses her attention on providing care for healthcare professionals, social workers, caregivers and leaders.

In other words, Nance helps the helpers.

Lately — and particularly during a global pandemic — she’s found that more of her clients are suffering from what’s known as compassion fatigue, a kind of secondary trauma that comes with treating the vulnerable and distressed.

“I call it the common cold of the helping profession,” Nance says.

Over the summer, she was increasingly in demand, both locally and even internationally, to provide compassion fatigue training and relief. The best way she’s found to combat it is to recognize its onset and construct emotional boundaries in order to distance yourself from it.

“You have to put on your own oxygen mask,” Nance says. “And that means being invested in our own health and wellness. “I always say, ‘it’s not the load that breaks you but the way you carry it.’”

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