2020 40 Under 40 Honoree: Jeff Mallory

“It’s a calling. I’m in love with serving students.”

MalloryJeff Mallory (37)
Executive Vice President
Saint Vincent College

Jeff Mallory stands 7 feet tall.

While some may attempt to hide that kind of height with hunched shoulders and hushed tones, Mallory embraces it. He figures if he can be seen, he can be heard. And if he can be heard, he can make a difference.

“It’s an easy conversation starter,” Mallory says.

As the executive vice president at Saint Vincent College, most of Mallory’s conversations — whether with a college trustee, a concerned parent or a cafeteria employee — revolve around the wellbeing of students.

“It’s a calling,” he says. “I’m in love with serving students.”

That spirit of service was ingrained in Mallory when he attended Saint Vincent as an undergraduate and has manifested itself in many ways since he became an employee, including coaching the basketball team and even doing a student’s laundry.

Though Mallory’s ultimate goal is to become a college president, he has vowed never to lose sight of his roots in student life.

“No student deserves a status quo experience,” he says.

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