2020 40 Under 40 Honoree: Elysia Newman

“Fashion affects and touches our lifestyles more than we know.”

NewmanElysia Newman (32)
Executive Director

A proper, professional photoshoot requires dozens of people filling a number of roles. But as a model attempting to stage shoots in Pittsburgh, Elysia Newman found herself needing to fill every one of them, because, well, she didn’t know anyone who could help.

The city’s fashion industry was a series of disconnected parts rather than a collaborative one.

Newman changed that with Style412, a fashion nonprofit that seeks to support industry professionals and educate the growing number of fashion pre-professionals. Newman accomplishes that largely through two programs: a studio initiative that focuses on creating photoshoots and a mentoring program that matches design students with aesthetically like-minded professionals.

“I want to represent and reflect the talent that already exists here in Pittsburgh,” Newman says. “Fashion affects and touches our lifestyles more than we know. It’s the decision you make every day when you put something on your body; it’s self-expression.”

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