2010 Niederösterreich Zweigelt

Hit the sweet spot with a bbq-friendly wine from E.&M. Berger.

My friend Dan likes to use the term “sweet spot” when describing a tipping point of sorts — that point at which (actual) price and (perceived) value are maximized for the buyer. With the current state of the economy, it seems that $15 is the new $25 and, at $15.79, the 2010 Berger Zweigelt is right in the sweet spot.

I’m drawn to the quirky crown-cap closure and the brown liter bottle. The Zweigelt grape produces a wine somewhat reminiscent of Pinot Noir with lots of bright berry fruit, mild tannins and a hint of spice. It takes a chill nicely, pairing well with pork and chicken … or any of your favorite barbecue creations.

To buy, please visit dreadnoughtwines.com.

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