2009 Yarden Mount Hermon Galillee Red

This Israeli Bordeaux blend from Golan Heights Winery is a pleasant surprise.

I might’ve previously mentioned that I’ve been slowly moving up the food chain in literary circles. This perch comes with significant perks, like getting media samples. When I received a recent package, I figured I was a “B-lister” because I got a bottle of 2009 Yarden Mount Hermon Galillee red wine from Golan Heights Winery ($13.99; online product code 19414).

An Israeli wine — and a Bordeaux blend at that? I felt obligated to taste it, and was pleasantly rewarded with cherry and raspberry fruit, medium body and light tannins. A surprisingly drinkable red wine from the Middle East. Go figure!

To buy, please visit lcbapps.lcb.state.pa.us.

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