2008 Lagarde

This February, fall in love with the 2008 Lagarde Primeras Vinas Malbec Mendoza.

February is for lovers, and mine has tolerated my antics for the better part of 30 years. As such, you can count on me being in the kitchen on the 14th, attempting to work some culinary magic.

I’m thinking beef or lamb will take center stage, so in keeping with the “new” in this New Year’s theme, I selected the 2008 Lagarde Primeras Vinas Malbec Mendoza ($27.99) to serve with it. 

I am unfamiliar with the winery (even though it has been around for 100 years), I have been to Argentina (but not Mendoza) and, while I have enjoyed many a Malbec, I have never ventured into, or frankly been aware of, the “high end” of the spectrum.

To purchase, visit finewineandgoodspirits.com.

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