2008 Carmine by Bodegas Murtia

Start the year off right with a fine Spanish wine made from Monastrell grapes.

January is a time for new beginnings, wherein we resolve to do (or not do) what we were (or were not) supposed to be doing for the previous 12 months. I’m not quite sure why the mere passage of time will cause us to do (or not do) these things, but who am I to buck the trend? So my resolution for 2012 is to pick wines that are new to the area.

Not wanting to fail in my very first month, I chose the 2008 Carmine ($15.99). It’s from Bodegas Murtia (never heard of them); made in Jumilla, Spain (never been there); from Monastrell grapes (new to me—but turns out that they’re the ancestor of Mourvedre).

To buy, visit finewineandgoodspirits.com.

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